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Guanacaste Fishing Reports

Hilton Papagayo Resort Sportfishing Charters

Mrs. and Mr. Gomez, staying at Hilton Papagayo in Guancaste booked half day on the Bahamas boat, captain Jose took them north of Papagayo Gulf and reported by the end of the fishing charter 2 roosterfish caught and released. Nov. 11

Hilton Papagayo Fishing Charter

Riu Palace Guanacaste Fishing Charter

Playa Matapalo was this time our departure port for 2 anglers, who were staying at the Riu Palace Guanacaste Hotel, located in Matapalo Beach. These anglers booked the Mono boat for a full Papagayo Fishing day, captain Arnardo reported at the end of the day only 2 baby dorados, which they caught and released, also reported some bonitas. Nov. 10

                Riu Palace Guanacaste Fishing Charter

Papagayo Fishing out of Riu Guanacaste Resort

Mr. Steve, staying at Riu Guanacaste Hotel in Matapalo Beach, booked a Guanacaste Fishing Charter, Arnaldo captain of Mono boat took him and his fishing partner south of Matapalo Beach towards Catalinas Islands where they caught 1 sailfish, later during the day they moved inshore and caught and released 2 roosterfish. They had great weather. Nov. 09

                Sportfishing for Sailfish in Guanacaste
                 Guanacaste Fishing Charters for Roosterfish
                 Rui Guanacaste Hotel Great for Roosterfish Fishing

Fishing for Roosterfish in Guanacaste

Playas del Coco was our departure port for La Chuila G boat, who took 2 anglers out fishing, north of the Papagayo Gulf in a full Deep Sea Fishing day, they caught by the end of the day 5 roosterfish and one barracuda. Oct. 28

                Guanacaste Fishing for Roosterfish

Roosterfish Charter from Occidental Grand Papagayo

Mr. Rick and his son booked the Bahamas vessel for a full fishing day, Jose captain took them south of Papagayo Gulf, towards Catalinas Islands, they caught 2 roosterfish one of about 70 pounds and another of 50. October. 19

                Inshore Fishing in Papagayo Gulf

Guanacaste YellowFin Tuna Charter

Mr. Franco staying at Playa Negra beach, booked a half day Papagayo Fishing Charter, his main target was Yellowfin Tuna, by the en of the day they reported 1 roosterfish caught and released. Sept. 24

Guanacaste SportFishing Boats out Grand Papagayo Resort

Mr. Gregory's yig fishing adventure started on September 22, he and his wife staying at Occidental Grand Papagayo Resort in Papagayo Gulf booked the first Guanacaste Fishing Charter for Sept 22nd, Jose, Captain of Bahamas picked them up at 7:30am they when out in a full Fishing Charter, this first day was not good, they just caught 1 black jack. On September 24th they when out again in a half day Papagayo Fishing Charter, this time they caught 2 roosterfish ans black jacks. And on the third and last fishing day Mr. Bill desides to go in a full inshore fishing day, they had a blast... catching 8 yellowfin tuna, and 20 black jacks. Without questions... a great Papagayo Fishing Adventure!! Sept. 22-24-25

                Guanacaste Yig Fishing Charters
                 Guanacaste Inshore Fishing Charter out of Grand Papagayo resort
                 Yig Fishing Charters out of Grand Papagayo Resort
                 Papagayo SportFishing Charters for Billfish

Guanacaste Fishing Boats out of Playa Hermosa

Mr. Bill's second day of fishing, this time he booked a full offshore Papagayo Fishing Charter. He had an espectacular day catching and releasing one sailfish, one dorado and one roosterfish. Definitely a full day of action!! Sept. 13

                Guanacaste Deep Sea Fishing for Rosterfish
                 Off Shore Boats out of Playa Hermosa Guanacaste

Fishing from Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Bahamas took off from Playa Hermosa in Guanacste with Mr. Gregorio in a full inshore Papagayo Fishing charter. Captain Jose reported only 2 jacks caught. Sept. 9

                Guanacaste Fishing Charters in the Papagayo Gulf

Playa Hermosa Guanacaste Fishing Charter

Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste. Was our departure port for Bahamas boat, which took Mr. Bill and his wife out in a full inshore Papagayo Fishing Charter. They had a wonderfiull day catching and releasing 3 roosterfish. Sept. 8

                Deep Sea Fishing Charters for Roosterfish
                 Papagayo SportFishing for Roosterfish in Guanacaste

Sailfish Fishing Charter from Four Seasons Papagayo

Four Seasons Resort, Costa Rica. La Chila G boat when out in a Papagayo deep sea fishing charter. By the end of the day captain Arnaldo reported 4 sailfish landed and released and 1 dorado.

In another Deep Sea Guanacaste Fishing Charter on board of Bahamas vessel, which took of from Four Seasons in a half fishing day, reported 1 yellowfin Tuna only, they hooked a roosterfish but it broke the line. Sep. 2

Guanacaste Fishing for Sailfish in Papagayo Gulf

Offshore Fishing Charters in Papagayo Gulf

Matapalo Beach, Guanacaste. Was our departure port for Ryan Sandheinrich, who booked a full Deep Sea Fishing Charter from Guanacaste Fishing. Odir captain of Cormoran boat took him north of Papagayo Gulf. landing by the end of the day 3 sailfish and 1 dorado. Aug. 31.

Deep Sea SportFishing in Papagayo Gulf

Papagayo Fishing Gulf, Costa Rica. In a Deep Sea Papagayo Fishing Charter the Harms Group caught and released 4 sailfish and 2 dorados, on board of La Chila-G. Aug. 6

Papagayo Gulf SportFishing Charter

Playa Hermosa SportFishing Charters in Guanacaste

Bill Summer and 5 of his friends booked La Chila-G boat for a Offshore Papagayo Fishing day, these guys stayed at Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste. At 7:30 am on Aug. 5th Arnaldo captain of La Chila picked them up and headed north of Papagayo Fishing Gulf, by the end of the day they reported 7 sailfish landed and released.


Sportfishing Charters out of Papagayo Fishing Golf

Costa Smeralda Beach, Papagayo Gulf. Was our departure port for Van Web and his wife, staying at Occidental Grand Papagayo All-inclusive Resort. Odir captain of Cormoran vessel took them south of Papagayo SportFishing Gulf out of Catalinas Islands, Costa Rica. Mr. and Mrs. Web had a busy day landing and releasing 7 sailfish. Aug. 4

Roosterfishing Charters in Papagayo Fishing Gulf

Dan Shore and 3 more of his friends booked the Banana Nose boat for Half inshore fishing day in the Papagayo Fishing Gulf, they reported 3 nice sized roosterfish. Aug. 02

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