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Fly Fishing in Guanacaste

The Golf of Papagayo in Guanacaste is a spectacular place to fly fish. The fishing can be extraordinary, with great offshore and inshore fly fishing. Offshore, one can expect to encounter marlin, sailfish , dorado, yellowfin and skipjack tuna. Inshore fly fishing’s attraction in the Papagayo Gulf is the roosterfish and dorados.

Papagayo Golf Northern waters are sheltered under Santa Rosa National Park, its crystal clear waters for most of the year, with small surf and light winds making the Papagayo Golf the ideal destination for Guanacaste fly fishing for roosterfish one of the world's most exotic fish species. This area is sparsely populated by many white sand beaches stretch for miles without a soul to be found. Throw in the most mysterious of game fishes and what more could a Riu Hotel Guanacaste Fly Fishierman ask for?

Guanacaste Fly Fishing Charters for Roosterfish

When Guanacaste Fly Fishing for Roosterfish watch for birds, pelicans diving are a sure sign of sardines, frigate birds swooping close to the surface are another sign to look for.

Watch roosterfish movement when feeding the raising of their comb is one sign they are ready to pounce on a baitfish, it’s time to get your fly in front of this fish! This will be your best chance for a take.

Fly fishing for roosters from a boat is the best chance a Riu Guanacaste Hotel angler can have. This method provides Fly Fishing in Guanacaste for Roosterfish several advantages. The most important, perhaps, is that one can spot the fish and follow them with a boat. Chumming and teasing techniques can also be employed. This method keeps the fish up longer and within casting distance from the boat, and chumming with sardines can bring fast action. If conditions are right, anglers can be rewarded with roosters zipping all around the boat, dorsal fins extended slicing through the water in hot pursuit of the bait. This is quite a sight!

Papagayo Fly Fishing Boats


Eight weight gear is fine for one year old Dorado, but for adult fish in the 20 to 30 pound range 10-weight gear is barely adequate. Some fly fishermen preffer between 11 - 14 weight rods for a couple of reasons.  a) Big Dorados like big mouth-fulls. They provide plenty of versatility and enable you to throw the giant flies and heavy lines that dorado sometimes like offshore.

b) When you hook a bigger fish – in the 20 to 50 pound range – the extra fighting and lifting power of the bigger rods make things a whole lot more fun for everyone.

c) Four to six inch long flies are often more productive than smaller ones. 

d) Most experienced Hotel Riu Guanacaste fly fishing anglers would agree that thirty pound plus Roosterfish take too long to land on a 10-weight rod.  It is more comfortable to get the fight over quicker, especially if several large fish are encountered in quick succession. (A 10 wt will work well under most conditions and you can land big ones on it if you have a quality reel with enough backing (400yds), since a lot of the fight with a fly rod is reel-dependent).

Hotel Riu Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Another number to consider when bringing Fly Fishing Rods to Guanacaste is length, 9’ is by far the most popular length right now. You can cast a 9’ long distances without getting tired, and have good control of the drift. Rods commonly go down to 7’ and even shorter ones can be found. If doing fishing out of a boat, longer rods are common place, as one can get more distance with a longer rod, and the extra length helps to keep the fly off the water on the backcast.

Fly Fishing Charters Guanacaste


Dorado and roosterfish require the big guns in the reel department.  Big arbors, bombproof drags and big backing capacity are a must.  Bigger roosterfish can take a whole lot of line really quickly, and any sub-standard reel is probably going to come apart.

Reels should have good drags and plenty of backing. Big roosters can really run.




It’s a great idea to have rods rigged with a wide range of lines – floating, intermediate, moderate sink and mega-sink are all applicable out here.  In general, when working a group of dorado or rooster inshore, you’re able to start with floating lines and poppers, crease flies, or lightly weighted flies, then move to intermediate and moderate sink rate lines.